700 metres from the tamarc, 800m from Tinga town and next to Olorgesailie Museum from KES 230K per plot. Click here for more information...

Next to Tinga town. KES 500K per acre. Click here for more information...

Less than 2.5km from the tamarc, 900m from Tinga town and next to Olorgesailie Museum. KES 350K per acre. Click here for more information...

Near Tinga town. 400K per acre Click here for more information...

1 - 1.2km from the tamarc, 900m from Tinga town and next to Olorgesailie Museum. 350K per acre Click here for more information...

Just 1km from the tamarc and near Tinga town. Adjacent to Olorgesailie Museum.KES @650K per acre.

Special mention KISAMES plot:
2 acres at KES 1.5m per acre right next to bypass to Suswa. Click here for more information...


How to buy

Full details are on the "Process" page but here is a summary:

  1. Contact us for copies of the papers (copy title, etc).

  2. Use these to do your due diligence. If you are still
    abroad, you can email these to your local lawyer or surveyor to perform the searches on your behalf.

  3. Once all your searches have passed (which they will,
    we've done our homework), we shall send you the sale
    agreement. Email this to your lawyer to verify that all
    is in order.

  4. Pay your 10% deposit to secure the property. You can
    pay using MPESA, Paypal or direct bank transfer. This
    secures your purchase for the legally stipulated 90

  5. On completion of your payments, the title is tranferred
    to your name.

  6. Enjoy your investment!

Don't forget to see the detailed process, which includes a checklist of the documents you will need to provide to the lands office:



Reasons to buy...

Excellent appreciation: Tinga is doing well because the land here is relatively cheaper than in other investment hotspots. It is likely to appreciate well as it catches up with the other areas.

Road Upgrade: One of the reasons the land has been inexpensive is the poor road leading from Kiresian to Magadi. This is now being rehabilitated (resurfacing has been done all the way to just after Kaisames), which will see prices soar.

Next to world-famous Olorgesailie Museum! Made famous through the work of Dr and Mrs Leakey, Olorgesailie attracts visitors from all over the world.

About us


The sellers, as I mentioned above, are well-known locals. I've bought land from them myself. I am a 'Nairobian' who lived in London for the last 18 years before deciding to come back home for good. Suffice to say I've learnt A LOT about how to go about doing business in Kenya! It takes patience, courage and a keen eye. I hope that what I've learnt spares you some of headache I've gone through. Those of us coming home from diaspora can be seen (rightly so!) to be very naive!

Our services

Our primary service is to source the land for you, and do all the initial due diligence. This mustn't tempt you to skip this step though! We absolutely insist that you get a trusted third party to do your searches for you, even if you cannot visit Kenya to do so yourself. In addition, we arrange site visits, and meetings with the owners with you or you trusted representative. At the end of it all, we throw in some nyama choma too!

  • Source genuine land with good investment potential
  • Find and meet with the real owners and start the conversation.
  • Conduct initial due dilligence, chase paperwork and registry processes
  • Arrange local loan facilities for overseas clients